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Valentines Party Idea for a Girls’ Night Out (or Day!)

I wanted to share an idea created by a friend of mine who wanted to have a fun excuse to get together with her girlfriends.  She hosted a Valentines Party at her house with a spread of great food. Here are her ideas that made the day fun:

1.  She asked the guests to wear pink or red to the party.  Even though that doesn’t seem like a big idea, it got everyone excited about what they would wear, and it was fun to see the colors everywhere during the party.  I thought that added a lot of ambiance, and it didn’t cost the hostess anything.

2.  Besides an amazing spread of food, she served champagne with a splash of cranberry juice for color.  She added heart-shaped ice cubes that had a raspberry frozen in the middle.  She also painted hearts on the glasses and that was our take away gift from the party.  I still use it and think of her!  NOTE:  This would be an awesome cocktail at an engagement party as well.

3.  All guests were asked to bring a pair of earrings wrapped as a present.  Once we finished snacking and talking, we drew numbers, and starting with #1, each person got to choose a mystery present from the pile.  The next number could get a new mystery present, or she could “steal” a pair of earrings that had already been opened.  In that case, the person stolen from could steal from someone else or pick a new mystery present.  Once a pair of earrings was stolen the third time, it was no longer eligible.  This created a great source of entertainment for us all, and we got to take away a great pair of earrings.  I still remember the party every time I wear them.  NOTE: This became an annual event, and each year the mystery item changed.  One year, we brought scarves, and you should have seen how creative some people were.

I put together this collage of some of the Valentine Party ideas I have mentioned:a collection of Valentines Party ideas for adults


This cheesecake was fantastic and was made by a baker in the Emerald Isle/Swansboro area.  She makes all types of gourmet cheesecakes.  Comment below or email me ( if you would like her contact information.



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