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Are you being cruel to your body?

I recently found myself putting down my “out-of-shape body” as I took a bath. Then, I realized, that is the belly that sacrificed itself to have my babies. Those are the legs that make sure I get where I need to go. Those are the arms that have worked hard to make my dinners, carry my groceries, hug my crying children. How can I be so mean in light of all that this worn-out body has given me?

Instead, maybe I should honor this body. Maybe I should look at exercise as a gift of time I give my body to show that I care. Why do we abuse our bodies with neglect and then put them down for making us look bad?

Changing my perspective changed my attitude.

I’ve seen so many of my friends put off their family pictures so they can loose some weight first, only to miss the opportunity forever.

First of all, an experienced photographer will know how to pose you in ways that emphasize your best features and hide those you don’t like.  Second, if you still find problems, Photoshop can help.  You just need to let go of your pride and do this for your children.  Which do you think they will treasure more in 20 years…pictures of themselves, or pictures of you holding them and showing the relationship between you?  Do you have any pictures you treasure with you and your parents?  Do you care how much your mom weighs in the picture?

I promise that in 20 years they won’t look at the pictures and criticize the way you look.  This isn’t a magazine ad, it’s a moment in life that they want to remember–with you in it!

A friend of mine shared a great post on Facebook.  It is so beautifully written that I want to share it as well.  If you have been avoiding family pictures, it’s a MUST READ.  It has touched so many hearts that it has over 1000 comments!  It’s called “So you’re feeling too fat to be photographed?



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