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What should the Groom wear to a beach wedding?

Beach weddings can be quite different from your typical church wedding, so what grooms wear can range from formal suits to a pair of khaki shorts.  Since every wedding should be a reflection of you, consider all the variations in between. 
Most people choose the beach for the beauty of the scenery, but remember there is no shade on the beach, so whatever you wear will affect your personal temperature dramatically.  Since most people have their beach weddings in predictably warm months, the most commonly chosen outfits are light weight.  Linen is a popular material for its ability to breathe and look dressy at the same time.  White cotton shirts are also commonly worn, usually with a pair of khaki pants.  To dress it up, you can add a pair of suspenders or a tie, but a jacket may be too warm in the summer months.  (Tip:  If you are only wearing a shirt, not a jacket, then make sure any boutonniere you get is light weight so it doesn’t fall over or sag on your shirt.)
Shoes are optional.  Interestingly, most brides don’t wear shoes at all, but most grooms do wear shoes.  If you are having your wedding in the summer at any time before sunset, you will want to wear some type of foot covering to protect your feet from the heat of the sand.
Beach weddings can still be either formal or casual, so your outfit should coordinate with the formality of your event.  I have put together a collection of many pictures of grooms to give you an idea of how different styles and colors look.  Show off your personal style, but remember not to dress too heavily in the summer, or hide a sweat rag in your pocket if you do!

Are you planning a beach wedding?  We specialize in beach wedding photography, and if you are planning something smaller, check out our all-inclusive packages for beach elopements and intimate weddings.



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