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Best Caterers for a Small Wedding or Small Party in Emerald Isle

Are you having a small wedding of 10-30 people and you’d like to feed them?  Are you celebrating an anniversary or a birthday party in Emerald Isle and need an easy meal solution? You have too many people for a restaurant to be practical, but you also don’t want prepare the meal yourself.  You want to be able to enjoy the gathering.

I’ve created a list of local options for large group take out or catering that I have curated to help you plan your party.  If I’ve missed someone you’d recommend, feel free to leave a message in the comments, and I will check them out.

1. Class Act Catering

Phyllis provides a range of food choices from macaroni and cheese to oysters on the half shell.  She can either prepare individual to-go meals or bring  serving trays for a buffet-style selection.  She will work with whatever you’d like to do, even if you only have 10 people.

Shepard Barbecue Take Out Plates
Whiskey Bravos steak and lobster dinner plate

2. Whiskey Bravos

Whiskey Bravos is willing to work with all sizes of groups to make to-go platters, buffet trays, or plated meals.  They will cook at your location or offer take out.  They offer a wide range of meals but specialize in steaks, seafood, and pasta.

3. Boro Low Country Kitchen

Low country boils, fried and grilled seafood, and lunch sandwiches.  Call several days ahead for large group take out.

low country boil at boro low country kitchen

4. Caribsea

Their crabcakes are amazing!  This is a more expensive, gourmet option.  If you are a foodie, this is your place.

5. Shepard Barbecue

Looking for something a little more laid back?  How about some local brisket barbecue with slaw and beans?

Shepard Barbecue Take Out Plates

Want more small beach wedding planning advice?

I hope this information on finding a caterer for your small party or wedding helpful.  Click here to learn more about planning a small, intimate wedding in the Emerald Isle area.



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